New AmplifiedAg software enhancement provides multi-site enterprise management capabilities

AmpEDGE farm management software users now have real-time, multi-site management capabilities with Enterprise Farm Health function.

by CEA inSight
AmplifiedAg Enterprise Farm Health software function

As controlled environment agriculture’s evolution rolls on, CEA farm operators increasingly face the task of managing multiple farm sites. While individual operators often have access to significant amounts of data about their growing environment, many CEA software platforms limit monitoring and analytics to a single farm.

Scaling growers faced with this challenge now have an answer. AmplifiedAg, an agtech company built on the principles and architecture of enterprise-grade, multi-tenant SaaS technology, has responded to growers’ evolving needs with the release of the Enterprise Farm Health (EFH) function for operators running its AmpEDGE farm software platform.

With EFH, growers gain an all-encompassing view of their entire farming enterprise, including the inbound and outbound supply chain, while retaining the fine points of individual sites.

EFH assembles and organizes details from every farm in a user’s network — across all site locations, facilities and farm environments, from vertical farms and container farms to greenhouses. Users enjoy real-time data on the health of their entire organization, easily accessing consolidated environmental, operational, financial and risk reporting.

From the enterprise view, the user can then zero in on a farm facility or site location, all the way down to an individual container farm unit. Users have the ability to navigate and control all the farm’s associated functions and data analytics, including environmental control systems, harvest yields, food safety metrics, inventory, client orders, finance and more.

“The AmpEDGE Enterprise Farm Health function is a critical component to an indoor farm operation, especially one that is scaling,” says Don Taylor, CEO and founder of AmplifiedAg. “Indoor farming has a complex set of requirements and operations, and the EFH enables the farmer to track and report on the global breadth of an organization for complete agricultural and agribusiness management.”

EFH and the AmpEDGE platform are positioned to meet the changing needs of modern growers as industry consolidation and farm expansions make multi-farm, multi-site management capabilities essential, especially as the need to move food production closer to the end consumer increases.

“We’re seeing more and more farmers that are diversifying their operations by blending their existing greenhouse production, and even field production, with vertical farming to add meaningful capacity to their business,” adds Taylor. “This is where AmpEDGE and the EFH function truly shine with the versatile ability to track and manage a farmer’s fully integrated operations and supply chain network.”

Editor’s note: To learn more about AmplifiedAg’s founder and CEO Don Taylor, the driving force behind the company and the software, don’t miss CEA inSight’s Q&A with Don Taylor.

Image courtesy of AmplifiedAg.

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