Don’t miss the 12th Annual Aquaponics Conference, September 15-17, 2023 in Albuquerque

This year's event promises to be the most engaging, most interactive aquaponics conference yet.

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Aquaponics greenhouses

Scroll through CEA market research, and a consensus is clear: The global aquaponics market is set to boom. Looking five years out, some market analysts put it at $1.8 to $2.4 billion. Push that timeline to 10 years, and the numbers jump to $3.4 billion or more.

While those figures are impressive, what’s even more compelling are the people moving this segment of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) forward fast. And while most can probably quote numbers like those above, it seems they’d rather share knowledge and insights about the magic that happens growing fish and food.

12th annual Aquaponics Conference lgog

That’s why Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the place to be when the 12th Annual Aquaponics Conference hits town September 15 through 17, 2023. With more than 60 speakers, 15+ vendors and hundreds of attendees expected, Aquaponics Association Executive Director Josh Dusci says the three-day event qualifies as the largest aquaponics conference in the world!

Expanding speaker lineup

If you’re interested in aquaponics, hydroponics or CEA in general, the speaker lineup at this event has something for you. Here are just three of the dozens of industry experts sharing aquaponic insights and inspiration this year:

  • Dr. Steve Summerfelt, Chief Science Officer at Hixton, Wisconsin’s Superior Fresh, LLC — the world’s largest aquaponic farm — will present the Saturday banquet keynote, “Growing Healthy Food in a Regenerative Farming Model at Superior Fresh.”
  • Charlie Shultz, Academic Director of the Controlled Environment Agriculture Program at Santa Fe Community College, will be presenting, “Creating a Sustainable Educational Pipeline for the CEA Workforce through a Remote Dual-Credit High School to College Model.”
  • Dr. John Derksen, Chair of Aquaculture Centre of Lethbridge College in Alberta, Canada, will be on hand presenting, “Aquaponics Microcredentials – Self Tailored Learning From Anywhere”.
Three people, two fish, hands-on training

And the list of researchers, teachers and commercial aquaponic growers slated to speak — spanning everything from ornamentals to cannabis — continues to grow! (If you’d like to see yourself on the list of presenters, you have until September 1 to submit your proposal.)

Preconference workshop

As an added bonus — a first this year — a one-day preconference workshop is happening at Santa Fe Community College on September 14. Be there, and you’ll have an exclusive learning opportunity for hands-on and classroom training to gain and strengthen aquaponic production skills.

To learn more about the three-day conference or the preconference workshop, check out the 12th Annual Aquaponics Conference website. Interested in other ways you or your company can get involved? Reach out to Director Josh Dusci to learn more.

Images courtesy Aquaponics Association

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