Babylon Micro-Farms Licensed for ‘Works with WELL’ Trademark

Babylon's Galleri indoor micro-farm is the first indoor farming system approved under the WELL trademark licensing program

by CEA inSight
People lunching next to Babylon microfarm

Babylon Micro-Farms announced today that it has received International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) licensing approval to use the Works with WELL trademark with its flagship Galleri indoor micro-farms.

IWBI’s WELL Building Standard (WELL) provides a guide for creating and certifying people-first spaces that advance human health, happiness, productivity and well-being. The Works with WELL trademark licensing program recognizes products that align with specific strategies in the WELL Standard.

“We are thrilled to join forces with IWBI through sustainable and innovative farming practices,” said Alexander Olesen, CEO & Co-Founder of Babylon Micro-Farms. “I’m personally proud of our team’s work to create a sustainable experience that benefits the communities we serve. Fostering connection among people around the food they eat, motivating them to lead healthier, more sustainable lives.”

Babylon’s trademark licensing approval is based on Galleri’s alignment with health features in the WELL Building Standard. The hydroponic indoor farm system is confirmed to align with three features under the WELL Nourishment concept:

  • Feature N12.1 – providing gardening space
  • Feature N07.1 – providing nutrition education
  • Feature N04.1 – optimizing food advertising

Galleri also aligns with two features under the WELL Mind concept:

  • Feature M02.1 – providing connection to nature
  • Feature M09.1 – providing nature access indoors

While not a guarantee of WELL points or certification, incorporating products approved under the WELL trademark licensing program provides companies with an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment and alignment with WELL Certification goals.

Image courtesy Babylon Micro-Farms

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