CEA Startup Showcase in the spotlight at Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit NYC, June 29-30

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When the Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit NYC hits the Big Apple on June 29-30, more 700 of the world’s leading controlled-environment growers, food retailers, CEA and AgTech investors, seed companies and technology providers will converge for two days of high-intensity networking, presentations, panels and one-on-ones.

As part of the fun for 2023, a roster of innovative international startups from around the world will be in the spotlight as they showcase future-focused CEA technologies in live, on-stage pitches.

Startup Showcase featured innovators:

Adaviv (USA) – AI-powered “Lean Cultivation” system that delivers detailed predictive crop insights and risk assessments that enable rapid response to plant health issues.

Avisomo (Norway) – Unique vertical farming “Avisomo Growth Station” system, a simple cost-efficient, scalable, and fully automatable trolley-based solution.

Ceragen (Canada) – Probiotics for plants to help growers increase crop yields in hydroponic fruit and vegetable production.

Crop Convergence (USA) – Flexible and customizable digital twin technology enables increased yields and profits through optimized genetics, environment and management.

GyroPlant (UK) – Patented reusable growing superstructure utilizing gel-based media, which produces up to 95% fewer carbon emissions, cleaner farms and enhanced growing conditions.

Imio (USA) – Next-gen agricultural inoculants that turn plant “waste” into valued replacements for harmful chemicals.

Kasveista (Italy) – Seeds sold with an open-source license which protects farmers’ access to germplasm and encourages protection of traditional varieties and agrobiodiversity.

Microclimates (USA) – Software company providing integrated controls for environmental automation.

Origeen (Mexico) – Scalable, Lego-like “VPOT” system, adaptable to diverse spaces and purposes, that helps reduce pollution and wastewater.

Terra Vera (USA) – Amino acid-based crop protection and nutrient products that improve yields, safety and sustainability through on-site, on-demand oxidants that replace chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Zayndu (UK) – “Activated air” seed processing system that delivers improved seed health and increases productivity yields.

Find the full agenda and register for in-person or virtual attendance at www.indooragtechnyc.com.

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