Fluence set to educate and innovate at GreenTech Amsterdam 2023, June 13-15

Agenda for GreenTech includes speaking sessions featuring Fluence experts, plus next-gen VYPR product launch

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Technology Theatre stage at GreenTech Amsterdam 2022

True to its motto “Helping the World Grow Smarter,” leading global provider of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions Fluence announced plans for a major presence at the 2023 GreenTech Amsterdam conference, one of the premier horticulture technology events of the year. The GreenTech agenda will include speaking sessions by Fluence industry experts from the company’s North American and EMEA teams, including Steve Graves, senior vice president of strategy and product; Timo Bongartz, general manager of EMEA; Theo Tekstra, technical director of EMEA; and Dr. David Hawley, principal scientist for Fluence.

Attendees will also be treated to an in-booth expert session with Dominique van Gruisen, managing director of Innexo BV and Innexo’s new Acceleration Platform for Innovation (API) program.

The LED lighting leader will also launch the newest generation of VYPR, a high-performance linear top light for greenhouse crops. The new VYPR will be available for viewing and demos at Fluence’s stand (130 in Exhibit Hall 5) during GreenTech — and it won’t be alone. Event attendees will also be able to interact with Fluence’s comprehensive product line, including RAPTR, VYNE, SPYDR, RAZR and Wireless Flex Dimming fixtures.

“GreenTech Amsterdam provides the opportunity to meet with and speak alongside leaders advancing agriculture and technology from across the world,” said Timo Bongartz, general manager for EMEA at Fluence. “At Fluence, we are committed to helping the world grow smarter through innovative technology to drive better plant cultivation. It’s an honor to have Fluence prominently featured in speaking sessions at GreenTech, and we’re excited to introduce the newest VYPR LED technology to the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.”

Speaking sessions

Attendees can catch Fluence’s horticulture specialists from June 13 through June 15 at Stand 130 in Exhibit Hall 5 at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center in the following sessions:

  • Lights and Buds (June 13, 10:45 a.m. CET), featuring Dr. David Hawley, principal scientist for Fluence at the Plants Compounds Stage.
  • Complexity in Lighting (June 13, 12:15 p.m. CET), featuring Theo Tekstra, technical director of EMEA for Fluence at the Technology Stage.
  • Panel: Medicinal Cannabis (June 13, 1 p.m. CET), featuring Timo Bongartz, general manager of EMEA for Fluence at the Plant Compounds Stage.
  • Manipulating Medicinally Relevant Cannabis Chemistry with Light Environment (June 13, 3:20 p.m. CET), featuring Dr. David Hawley, principal scientist for Fluence at the Amtrium.
  • Experiences in Setting Up Complex Medical Cannabis Research Projects, to Innovate and Optimize Production (June 14, 11:00 a.m. CET), expert session at Fluence’s stand, featuring Dominique van Gruisen, managing director of Innexo BV.
  • Public Health – Food Security, including a panel discussion on Endgame for Low Nutritional Food, Breaching Containment CEA and Pharmaceutical Solutions (June 14, 12:15 p.m. CET), featuring Steve Graves, senior vice president of strategy and product for Fluence at the Vertical Farming Stage

Next-generation VYPR launch

The latest extension of the VYPR series was developed in response to growers’ needs in both the cannabis and food production spaces. With dual-channel far-red capability, this next-gen lighting solution delivers a new level of flexibility and control to growers. Adding an independent control channel for far-red light empowers growers with the ability to manipulate crop morphology and increase energy savings, opening new applications for growers of flowers, strawberries and cucumbers.

The latest VYPR product is now available as an 800W platform, making one-to-one retrofits for 1000W HPS fixtures a reality for growers, and offering higher light intensity and lower energy consumption.

“The newest generation of Fluence’s VYPR product line is built to deliver growers exactly what they’ve been asking for: greater versatility, enhanced light distribution and higher output to increase crop yield, uniformity and quality,” said Graves. “Advancements in our understanding of light spectra have led to a more sophisticated product and a new tool to drive optimal crop performance and profitability.”

The latest VYPR product is designed to improve uniformity with wider light distribution, featuring a 150-degree optic across R8, R8F, R9 and R9F light spectra. It maintains a slim form factor and low-profile design but now offers more flexible installation options that make mounting faster and help reduce installation costs.

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