Little Leaf Farms leads New England packaged lettuce sales, breaks Pennsylvania ground again

Nielsen ratings confirm No. 1 spot, including traditional field-grown brands

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Little Leaf Farms McAdoo PA
  • Little Leaf Farms enjoys 46% increase in year-over-year sales.
  • Brand leads New England with 20% of all packaged lettuce sales.
  • Newest greenhouse puts active Pennsylvania acreage at 30 acres by year-end.

Little Leaf Farms is celebrating two new milestones: Nielsen ratings that put Little Leaf at the head of the pack for packaged lettuce sales in New England,1 and the ground-breaking at the Massachusetts-based grower’s third Pennsylvania farm.

Nielsen puts brand at No. 1 for New England

According to the latest Nielsen data for the category, the brand had a 46% increase in total dollar sales year over year.2 But that’s not all. Little Leaf Farms also captured a category-leading 20% of all packaged lettuce sales in the New England region — and that includes field-grown packaged greens.3 The company reports the feat marks the first time a controlled environment agriculture (CEA) leafy greens brand has outsold field-grown in any U.S. region.

“The New England packaged salad category is highly competitive, so we’re pleased with this latest sales achievement,” said Paul Sellew, founder and CEO of Little Leaf Farms. “As we continue to work towards our goal of 100 acres under glass by 2026, it’s clear that our model of fresh, local, greenhouse-grown lettuce is resonating with consumers, and we look forward to replicating this success in additional markets in the months to come.”

Expansion continues with third Pennsylvania farm

Building on its New England growth, Little Leaf Farms opened its second Pennsylvania greenhouse in June. The grand opening marked the brand’s fifth greenhouse overall. The McAdoo, Pennsylvania, farm boosted Little Leaf’s retail presence to nearly 5,000 grocery stores, expanding its Midwest and Southeast reach. One of the first products to be grown and packed at the greenhouse is Sweet Baby Butter Leaf, which will be introduced in a new 8-ounce size this fall.

Little Leaf Farms also broke ground on a third Pennsylvania greenhouse on the McAdoo site in August. Projections have the new greenhouse opening in the second half of 2024 and operating at capacity by 2024’s close. As Little Leaf enters 2025, its total active acreage at the Pennsylvania site should hit 30 acres.

“We are excited to bring our exceptional lettuce to even more consumers with our expansion in Pennsylvania,” said Chris Hill, Chief Revenue Officer at Little Leaf Farms. “We believe that we are creating a better eating experience and that our industry-leading freshness and quality, along with our ability to engage with new consumers, will continue to drive exciting growth for our customers as we enter new markets.”

Image courtesy of Little Leaf Farms.

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