Moleaer launches INDALO, expands access to nanobubble technology in Spain

New Almería assembly and service facility supports launch of INDALO nanobubble generator for harsh Spanish climate.

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Indalo nanobubble generator

California-based Moleaer, the global leader in nanobubble technology, has joined forces with leading Spanish organic producer BS Nature to bring growers in one of Europe’s most important agriculture regions greater access to nanobubble technology.

A new Moleaer assembly and service facility in Almería, located in Spain’s Andalusia region, will offer patented Moleaer technology and solutions to local greenhouses and farms, as well as customers across Europe. The move also marks the launch of INDALO, Moleaer’s newest nanobubble generator model, designed especially for the harsh, challenging Spanish climate.

Nick Dyner, CEO of Moleaer, stated, “Almería holds a vital position in Spain’s and Europe’s food production landscape. Through our collaboration with BS Nature and the establishment of our own assembly and service facility in Spain, Moleaer is poised to expand access to nanobubble technology directly to our customers. We are excited about the rapid nanobubble technology adoption in Spain and its surrounding regions.”

Shared vision to address climate challenges

Moleaer and BS Nature share a vision to address the pressing challenges posed by climate change in Spain, including drought and rising temperatures that significantly impact crop yields. Reports earlier this year noted that water levels in the reservoirs in Andalusia, Spain’s most important food-exporting region, were down 70%, with agriculture being a primary consumer of this precious resource.

Moleaer’s patented nanobubble technology has repeatedly been shown in trials and research to help growers improve water utilization, lower costs and increase crop yields. As such, the technology offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution to these challenges, bolstering irrigation efficiency while reducing resource inputs to help farmers address growing food demand in Europe.

With nearly 1,000 installations in greenhouses and on farms worldwide, Moleaer’s proven, cost-effective technology enriches irrigation water with oxygen nanobubbles to elevate dissolved oxygen levels, even in the face of extreme high temperatures. This results in enhanced plant health and increased yields. In addition, nanobubbles produced by Moleaer generators help eliminate biofilm in dripline emitters, discourage root disease, reduce algae and optimize root absorption of water and nutrients.

New INDALO assembly and service facility

Inauguration of new Andalusia facility
Inauguration of Moleaer Andalusia facility – October 20, 2023

Almería, home to the new Moleaer facility, boasts one of the largest concentrations of greenhouses in Europe. Almería’s greenhouses produce an estimated 2.5 million and 3.5 million tons of fruits and vegetables per year, despite often severe conditions.

INDALO, Moleaer’s latest nanobubble generator, was designed specifically to withstand southern Spain’s unique climatic conditions, including extreme heat, frost, UV radiation, dust, wind and more.

Utilizing patented gas-to-liquid injection technology, INDALO generates trillions of nanobubbles that supersaturate water with oxygen efficiently and cost-effectively. And, in a nice nod to Almería’s heritage, the generator is shaped like the legendary ancient Indalo man symbol.

Independently validated nanobubble technology

With increasing global interest in nanobubbles, four independent studies sponsored by BS Nature validated the efficacy of the Moleaer nanobubble technology that drives INDALO. All four studies documented improvements in water quality that consistently translated to higher yields and superior fruit quality. These outcomes were achieved without increased resource inputs or chemical applications, such as fertilizers and hydrogen peroxide.

Moleaer reports that multiple research institutions and universities across the United States, Europe and Latin America have corroborated BS Nature’s results. Recent findings include:

  • 16.2% yield increase in cucumbers with Fundación Cajamar, a leading institution and research center in the agriculture sector in Spain.
  • 9.7% increase in total production of tomatoes with Agrocolor, a leading organization in agri-food audits and certifications that has its own department for research, development and testing.
  • 10.5% increase in total weight in cucumbers with Tecnova, an innovation and technology development company that works with more than 300 customers in agribusiness.
  • 13% increased yield in cucumbers with University of Almería.

Francisco Belmonte, President of BS Nature’s parent company BioSabor, noted, “The inauguration of this facility in Andalusia marks a significant milestone in the deepening collaboration between Moleaer and BS Nature. Together, we are committed to providing profitable and efficient solutions to the challenges faced by local farmers, aligning with the demands of the European market.”

Images courtesy of Moleaer. Featured image: INDALO nanobubble generator.

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