Ohio State offers self-paced, online hydroponic GAPs course

by CEA inSight
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“Hydroponic GAPs – Good Agricultural Practices for Food Safety of Hydroponic Crops.”

 The Ohio State University Fruit and Vegetable Safety Program is offering a self-paced, online course on hydroponic GAPs, designed around best management practices (BMPs) for controlled environments — from greenhouses and indoor farms to high tunnels.

The program’s goal is to equip hydroponic growers to implement BMPs to maximize food safety in hydroponic vegetable and fruit production. Topics covered include food safety risk assessments, food safety plans, post-harvest handling for hydroponic production, pest management and more. $150 enrollment.

Ohio Controlled Environment Agriculture Center instructors for the course: food safety specialists and Associate Professors Dr. Melanie Lewis Ivey and Dr. Sanja Ilic.

Enrollment for the self-paced program is $150. Register here.

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