Skytree launches first Direct Air Capture unit for onsite CO2 generation

Cumulus enables CEA growers to reduce carbon footprints and enjoy uninterrupted CO2 supplies.

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Skytree Cumulus B2
  • 2023 GreenTech Innovation & Concept Awards Category Concept winner.
  • Shipping in early 2024, modular units deliver up to 10 kg of uninterrupted CO2 in a 24-hour period.
  • Larger units, capable of generating up to 400 kg of CO2 per day, in development for late 2024 availability.
  • On-site ambient air CO2 generation helps growers significantly reduce carbon footprints.
  • Early adopter rewards include reduced pricing and priority delivery.

Amsterdam-based climate tech company Skytree, dedicated to combating climate change through innovative CO2 capture and reutilization solutions, has officially launched the Skytree Cumulus, the company’s inaugural Direct Air Capture (DAC) modular unit.

Once installed onsite at a vertical farm, greenhouse or any controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facility, Skytree Cumulus captures CO2 from the ambient air. The onsite-generated CO2 then allows indoor farmers and greenhouse growers to enrich their growing environments and optimize crop production.

The 2023 GreenTech Innovation & Concept Awards Category Concept winner, Skytree Cumulus is now available for ordering. The first units will ship in early 2024.

Onsite CO2 generation reduces carbon footprints

“This is an incredibly exciting moment for Skytree as we move forward with the commercialization of our first unit for onsite carbon capture and reutilization,” said Rob van Straten, Skytree CEO. “By enabling the generation of CO2 onsite at farms and greenhouses, we are taking a significant step forward in helping CEA businesses reduce their carbon footprint and transition away from the fossil fuel industry as a source for CO2 supply.”

Skytree’s proprietary DAC technology captures CO2 from ambient air, filters it using a patented process, and stores it in pressurized buffer tanks from where it can be accessed and reused by any business in regular need of concentrated CO2.

Reliable CO2 enrichment for CEA farms

Skytree Cumulus, the first commercially available modular unit, will deliver a reliable and uninterrupted supply of up to 10 kg of CO2 in a 24-hour period, delivering clean and affordable CO2 to CEA businesses while alleviating procurement and transport challenges. Users in need of additional CO2 can acquire and connect additional units.

“CEA businesses sourcing CO2 from the fossil fuel industry may be surprised to learn that every step of the process — from capture to cleaning to liquifying to storing in cylinders and then transporting to farms — adds up to 50% harmful emissions,” van Straten continued.

Every ton of CO2 captured at an oil refinery can lead to 1.5 tons of emissions released back into the atmosphere. We’re providing CEA businesses the opportunity to operate independently of the oil and gas industry while enjoying guaranteed access to carbon dioxide, all without the headaches of cost increases and supply chain challenges or having to deal with the ordering and handling of metal cylinders.”

Pioneer Program rewards early adopters

Skytree also announced the launch of its Pioneer Program, offering early adopters a limited-time opportunity to experience the benefits of Cumulus and DAC technology at a reduced price. Participants will get priority delivery when Cumulus units ship.

In addition to its debut unit, Skytree is developing a larger DAC unit. The larger units could enable the company’s expansion to building materials, enabling industrial industries to permanently move away from CO2 sourced from the fossil fuel industry. Capable of generating up to 400 kg of CO2 per day, the larger units are expected to be available in the second half of 2024.

Image courtesy of Skytree.

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