Smallhold mushrooms launch nationwide at Whole Foods, backed by MushVan™ tour

Organic specialty mushroom grower announces its mycelial network continues to grow.

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Small hold founders Andrew and Adam at Whole Foods in 2018 and 2023.

Mushroom producer Smallhold is celebrating the launch of its organic specialty mushrooms at Whole Foods Market stores across the United States. This expansion builds off the newly certified B Corporation‘s success in East Coast, West Coast and Southeast Whole Foods Market stores, where the brand became the retailer’s fastest-growing specialty mushroom supplier. The Whole Foods launch marks the first nationwide availability for Smallhold mushrooms.

Brooklyn, New York-based Smallhold’s extended relationship with Whole Foods dates back to 2018, when Smallhold’s first Minifarm installation in the Bridgewater, New Jersey Whole Foods store redefined “fresh mushrooms” for the neighborhood’s shoppers.

“Whole Foods Market was one of the first retailers to ever support Smallhold and has been incredible to collaborate with ever since,” said Andrew Carter, Smallhold CEO and Co-founder. “I am beyond proud of our team for building our farms and operations to get to this point.”

The company’s Blue Oyster Mushrooms, Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, and Umami Mushroom Packs can now be found in nearly every major U.S. metropolitan area. In addition to Whole Foods Market stores nationwide, the company’s network of more than 1,000 retailers includes Sprouts, Central Market, Pavilions, United Grocer, Erewhon, Ralphs, Lassens, Misfits Market, FreshDirect and Safeway-Albertsons, as well as numerous restaurants.

“We are so proud to introduce Smallhold and their specialty mushrooms to Whole Foods Market customers nationwide,” said Eric Cusimano, Global Produce Buyer at Whole Foods Market. “Smallhold’s diverse range of varietals and commitment to quality, freshness and environmental efforts are just a few reasons why we are thrilled to work with them to help transform the produce aisle and food industry.”

Production network and technology

Smallhold’s growing network of organic mushroom farms operates in Brooklyn, Austin, Los Angeles and beyond, using patented technology for optimal growing. The mushrooms grow on substrate in growing chambers designed to optimize yield, taste and color without any added chemicals or pesticides. Smallhold’s centralized sensor system captures over 1 million data points per day and can adjust the chambers’ atmospheric parameters, controlling all of the inputs while accounting for changes in climate.

By operating urban farms in strategic regions, growing mushrooms on byproducts from other industries, and using compostable cardboard packaging, Smallhold improves product quality and extends shelf life, all while reducing overall footprint, food waste and plastic usage.

MushVan™ ready to roll

Smallhold MushVan ready to hit the road

In addition to its nationwide Whole Foods launch, Smallhold’s latest newsletter to its mushroom-obsessed followers announced they’ll be driving their MushVan™ to different Whole Foods and adding stops along their route to the Telluride Mushroom Festival, taking place in Telluride, Colorado, August 16 to 20.

Interested in experiencing the MushVan™ firsthand at your local Whole Foods on its way to Telluride? Give the company a shout and let them know at

Images courtesy of Smallhold.

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